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A label is a business card of any product that attracts attention, informs and interests the consumer at first sight.

If you want to increase the recognition of your brand and create a quality face for your products, then "Flagman Print" is ready to help you!

"Flagman Print" is one of the most dynamically developing companies in the Ukrainian printing market, which specializes in producing self-adhesive labels in rolls of any shape and configuration using offset, flexographic, high and silk-screen printing. We produce labels for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic products. Thanks to new high-tech equipment, as well as certified materials for printing - the products of "Flagman Print" are of high quality and easy application.

Our enterprise is certified according to the quality management system of DSTU ISO 9001:2015, and all our products comply with the Technical Conditions of Ukraine and have a conclusion of sanitary and epidemiological expertise, a conclusion about the safety of our products in the food and pharmaceutical industry, which allows us to use our label in almost all branches of production.

Applying high skill of printing daily, our company is trusted by more than 100 partners!


1 000 000 000

More than 1 billion people around the world saw the product with the label we produced


The capacity of our company is 100 labels per second


We are proud of our 15-year experience in the production of self-adhesive labels


We are included in the TOP-5 manufacturers of self-adhesive labels in Ukraine due to the capacities of our production


Customer orientation

The philosophy of our business is the establishment of long-term mutually beneficial relationships with customers. We take into account the individual needs of each client and offer flexible terms of cooperation.

The shortest terms of order fulfillment

We value the time of our customers, therefore we send all orders to the agreed upon terms with the client.

High quality

Using modern equipment and working directly with suppliers of print media, we guarantee a high level of quality of our full-color self-adhesive labels!

High-tech modern equipment

High-performance equipment of European production - our big reason for pride! In our printing park there are several printing machines that allow printing up to 14 colors, embossing (cold and hot) up to 3 colors at the same time, conveying, which allows you to carry out printed works of any complexity and configuration. Due to this, our products satisfy even the most non-standard technical requirements of the customer.

Flexible pricing policy

Customer orientation and many years of experience allow us to conduct a flexible pricing policy, which further strengthens partnerships with customers!


We have been working in the field of printing and flexo printing for more than 15 years! During this time we were able to earn a reputation as a reliable partner, whose experience and professionalism are valued by every client!

Equipment Park

In order for our customers to receive labels of good quality, "Flagman Print" has assembled a technological park consisting of combined printing machines. Thanks to the possibility of combining all possible types of printing (flexo printing, offset printing, letterpress printing, silk-screen printing (metal-screen printing), cold and hot stamping), we can achieve exactly the result that our customer wants when making labels.


Preprint preparation

When preparing a quality label, an important role is played by prepress. We carry out a full range of technological measures designed to ensure the conversion of the electronic original layout into a print. Own site for the production of printing plates can significantly reduce the time of preparation of the press.

Label design development

If you do not have a label layout for your product, then our creative team of designers will help to create the original label, taking into account all wishes and keeping the individuality of your brand.

Label printing

We specialize in manufacturing self-adhesive labels in rolls and printing on single-layer roll materials, applying flexo, offset, high and silk-and-phar- mate printing both separately and in any combination. The main advantage of self-adhesive labels is a wide variety of shapes and configurations created by replaceable die-cut molds (rectangular, oval, round and complex shapes). Our customers can choose from an existing large catalog of pins on our production base, or order a new original punching mold. The products manufactured by us are supplied in the form of roles; self-adhesive label is suitable for automatic, semi-automatic and manual sticking. In this case, different options are possible, both in terms of the diameter of the roles, and the number of labels on each of them.

Cutting materials

In order to obtain the required format and make the final product - labels, Flagman Print cuts and rewind roll materials on special equipment. We produce any volume of circulations and labels of any shape and configuration.

Completed order delivery

To ensure uninterrupted production and accelerate the work, our couriers will deliver the finished products to your company at a specified time. This service is convenient, because allows you to deliver any volumes of printed labels on time without interruption from the customer's work.



We are of the opinion that ethical standards and decency are important both in personal life and in business. Therefore, we treat employees of our company and business partners with respect, fulfill our promises and act transparently.


Our team consists of ambitious young people who constantly improve their skills and are looking for new solutions for obtaining better results.


We respect the experience and knowledge of other companies, while improving our professionalism and improving our qualifications.



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